Auto Detailing 101

How To Open A Home-Based Service

Auto detailing, according to motor vehicle experts, refers to the intricate art of performing extremely thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of a motor vehicle both inside and outside, in order to produce a professional car-show look and feel.  And apart from improving the car's exterior and interior appearance, car detailing is also done to enhance, and fully preserve, the vehicle's resale value.  Here are some helpful tips on how to open a mobile or home-based car detailing service.
Mobile Auto Detailing Is A Profitable Venture
In the United States alone, there are more than 50,000 auto detailers currently in action.  Some detailers are direct franchisees of US-based auto detailing chains, while others simply work as mobile operators setting up shop in vacant lots or public parking areas. Some even operate from their own garage.  Detailing can be done both for personal satisfaction, as well as for generating profits from prepping different types of  vehicles for car shows and  sporting activities. 

Why It Pays To Start Your Own Car Detailing Venture
Being your own boss offers a lot of distinct advantages.  First having your own business provides you the freedom to chart your own course and determine your fortunes.  Second, managing your own enterprise offers a level of flexibility that you certainly won't experience if you were working in an office setting.  Setting up a home-based or mobile auto detailing venture today also will not require a lot of start-up capital.   

How To Craft A Plan Of Action
If you're dead-set with running a car detailing venture, you need to start from scratch and learn the detailing process – from inspection, notation, vehicle preparation, exterior polishing, interior detailing, to waxing and final preparation before delivery to customer. All of these crucial factors need to be done as efficiently and effectively as possible.  And for your business to effectively corner a large segment of customers both in your locality and elsewhere, it would be best to advertise your auto detailing business on the classified ads of the newspaper, as well as on the Worldwide Web.  On the Internet, make sure your firm gets listed on the front pages of search engines like Yahoo, Google, as well as on sites like Craigslist each day. 

Once you've learned the basics, as well as gained relevant training on some of the advanced auto detailing methods, begin purchasing all the necessary supplies.  Make sure you buy the appropriate detergents, wax, polish, dusters, car wash tools and others.  It would also help if you regularly participate in local auto fairs and exhibitions, distribute business cards and brochures to potential clients, as well as obtain the email addresses of customers and keep contact with them regularly to encourage repeat service.  Lastly, remember to stay calm and patient, and allow your business to strengthen and flourish. Like running any enterprise, it takes time to grow an auto detailing venture. Rather than expect quick results, the business owner should instead stay focused, and slowly work his way to the top.       

How To Become An Auto Detailing Expert

For most people today, the car stands as the second biggest investment, after the home.  No wonder many car owners go the extra mile when it comes to keeping their vehicles neat and shiny, both inside and outside.  The art of keeping a car in tiptop, car-show condition is called auto detailing.  This job covers keeping the car's interiors and exteriors dust-free, shiny, well-maintained and fresh-looking.  Car detailing can also be a profitable business venture.  Here are some very helpful tips on how to become an auto detailing expert.

Detailing Requires Arduous and Meticulous Cleaning
Auto detailing, as the second word implies, means meticulous and laborious cleaning.  This goes beyond just wiping off the hood and fenders, or dusting off the dashboard or picking up loose debris on the floor mats.  Professional car detailing can cost you as much as $150, as it requires waxing, dressing, vacuuming and other tedious tasks, to give the car a truly professional look and feel. Interior cleaning consists of removing trash, vacuuming, cleaning, protecting and dressing to give a car that professional look. The car seats, mats, upholstery should also be washed, and dry cleaned.  The dashboard, plastic parts and other fittings must also be cleaned by using clean cloth, detergent and polish. The exteriors may be cleaned by spraying it with water and detergent, dried with soft cloth, and waxed afterward. 

How To Be An Auto Detailing Professional
There are actually a number of viable options for learning the art of auto detailing. First, try looking for formal car detailing courses in your area.  Search the Internet for licensed auto detailing programs, as well as shop around for community colleges, or technical and vocational schools offering car detailing courses in your town or city. Second, check for conferences and seminars that offer a lot of information with regard to detailing.  There are lots of 2 to 3-day seminars and programs which offer a quicker method for understanding the art of car detailing. 

Gain Experience and Valuable Lessons From Car Detailing Professionals
Another great way for learning the intricate but exciting art of car detailing is through becoming an apprentice at an established car repair and maintenance shop in your area.  Contact auto dealers in your community, and ask them if you could spend a few days working and learning the tricks of the trade.  And once you  complete the apprenticeship period, ask the shop owner if you could stay for quite a while by doing detailing jobs on a part-time basis.  



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