Car Alarm Installations

A person’s security is a prime concern of most car owners today. A car is indeed valuable and many people spend much time, effort and money building a garage with automatic doors and having car alarm systems installed.

If you have working knowledge about electronics, then you might find it easy to install a car alarm all by yourself. Get as much information you can from the store that sells you the alarm. Get the phone number of the store’s technical support. Make sure you have all the tools needed like a soldering gun, double sided tape, knife, scissors and so on. It is also very important to know the kind of central lock system your car uses.
The alarm you purchase comes with an installation manual. Make sure you have read all the instructions carefully. Connect the relay to your car door lock feature. Get the correct color codes of the wires that interface the lock and unlock feature of your alarm. If you need on – line technical support for each procedure, you can use the chat box for step by step instructions regarding the testing of door lock wires with a voltimeter. Inquire as well about the factory door wire triggers.

Install the alarm by mounting the siren under the car hood. Connect the wire to the battery and have it pass through a hole to the inside of the car. You should know how to work your drill properly to make a hole on the firewall. Install a fuse to the power wire and attach the sensor as described in your manual. Work on the LED status indicator and make all the necessary wiring connections. Connect the alarm wires to the wires that work the car’s power door locks. Locate the sensing line and connect it to the courtesy light of the car alarm. Make the connections between the starter wires, the starter disable relay and the alarm relay. Verify the locations of the wiring system from your technical support as you work on these. Mount the valet switch and wire the input and output of the alarm module. Secure the alarm module to the dash properly using screws and tie wraps. When the wires of the harness have been secured, stuff it back to the dash. Arm the alarm and test its performance.  

As you test the alarm system you have installed, you will create a lot of noise. Test and re-test the system by disarming and rearming. Try hitting the car with your fist. Drop an apple on your car hood or sit heavily on the car’s fender. Observe if the system produces the desired responses. If the alarm system does not work as expected, go through each connection again and check your manual. Make necessary adjustments and test the alarm system again.

Installing an alarm system is a simple chore for experienced electricians. If you need their services, simply make an order by phone or you can do it online, and they will do the work for you.              


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