Car Care

Regular car servicing, care and maintenance are key practices in keeping an automobile in it's best condition and at it's highest value.

Your car, like your body and all other possessions, requires care, which if neglected, may incur huge avoidable expenses besides the convenience of travel. Car care becomes all the more urgent during the wet months of the year. You need to protect your car from water seeping into it and eroding its vital components.
Modern cars are more than just boxes with an engine and four wheels. Their interiors are much more sophisticated and require particular care during the rainy season and hotter months.

Every time you enter your car, your muddy shoes wet and soil the costly new mats. It is better to remove the new mats of your car during the wet season and replace them with old ones which can be discarded after the rains are over.

  • Ventilation is very essential for your car. So when ever your car is in the garage, roll down the windows and let the interiors breath and dry. You must also vacuum the interiors and upholstery regularly and clean the mud and dirt. When anything is spilled on the interior it should be cleaned immediatedly, if not a permanent stain may result.
  • Spray some pleasant fragrance to do away with the stink that may have been created by your pets or the moulds and mildew from the wetter seasons and times when your car is not regularly used.

  • Check the alignment of your car regularly by looking at the tires which may show uneven wear. Such tire wear is a major, and often overlooked hazard in a vehicle. If your wheel alignment is not correct then the steering wheel may also not return to the center when released. It may be cocked to one side when the front wheels are pointing straight ahead. The car may tend to pull to one side, or, try to wander away and weave. Also note that the rear wheels should follow the front wheels in a parallel path, otherwise, they speed up the tire wear and damage the vehicle’s stability.
  • Never use household detergents to wash your car. The high pH content may remove your car’s wax and harm its clear coat finish. You should use car specific detergents. Also do not use nylon brushes and recycled water. While the brushes may cause scratches, the recycled water with salts and other contaminants from previous vehicles may accelerate deterioration of your car. You should also be sure to dry the car properly before it is parked away in the garage.
  • Water, coolant and engine oil should all be checked regularly. Adequate levels of water and coolant ensure an automobile will not overheat and reduces heat stress on an engines parts and hoses. If water and coolant are not checked and replenished regularly this can lead to major damage such as a cracked engine head or a broken radiator.
  • Importantly, do not let your car be stolen. Close the windows carefully, lock the doors and take the keys with you. Activate the theft alarms. The best course would be to install a passive, auto-activating device. If a car is safely parked overnight it will be much safer from theft and damage and will also be easier to insure.



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