Car Sale

If you want to sell your car, the first step is to prepare it for sale. The more effort to put into the sale, the more money you are likely to get from its sale.

Make Your Car Presentable

The first step is to make your car clean and presentable. There is nothing like a shiny surface, jet black tyres and a glistening interior to hide the weaknesses of a used vehicle. This is all the more important if you are selling your car privately. So wash and wax the exterior, take away all the unneeded items from the interior and its boot. Give a good vacuum to its interior. Steam cleans your engine so that it appears new and makes it tip top and quick start.

It would be much more desirable to get your car serviced by a professional before you present it for sale even if you have to spend a hundred dollars for a full service.

Minor Fixes

There may some minor fixes that may need to be attended to. Make sure that there is enough water in the coolant and oil in the engine. Check the lights and fuses and get the defective ones replaced.


Check the car documents. It would be a good idea to keep their photocopy. Your documents must include your registration details and the vehicle title. It would be good to have an independent inspection of the car to avoid any embarrassment when the prospective buyers start and check it.

Asking the Price

Fumbling for words before quoting the car price can make a bad impression. Moreover you have to justify your quotation from the condition of your car so that the customer does not think he is being overcharged. So determine the current market value of your car based on its age, kilometers and condition. It is would be a good idea to have it valued by some independent agency. Also find out what price other people are asking for a car similar to yours. Also check if there is a sufficient demand for your car model.
Ask a slightly higher price than you expect allowing some room for negotiations.


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