DIY - Do It Yourself

If you want to maintain your car yourself, the first step is to to have a good knowledge of the car you own. The more effort to put into researching your car, the cheaper and easier it will be to fix yourself.

Repairing and maintaining your own car

These days, owning a car can be considered as a luxury because it is a costly investment not everyone can afford. If you own a car, it is your main responsible to keep it well maintained. You have to do some repairing and regular maintenance to ensure that your car will always run smoothly as it should be. Doing your own repair and maintenance is another form of rite of passage and you will feel deep satisfaction, if you can do repairs for your own car. Aside from this, it is also a big saving for you. Maintaining and repairing a car by hiring a professional will surely cost you a lot.

The following are some things that you may need for your DIY car repair-

  • Socket set- if you have a decent socket, you can save lots of hours in struggling. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars, but you have to make sure that you will get your metric set for your foreign car and standard set for your car.
  • Box wrench set- this too has an open end and close end. This kind of tool is very handy especially for bolts that are hard to reach with the use of a socket.
  • Screwdriver set- this tool is very versatile not only for repairing your car, but also for other important appliances and stuff around your house. Make sure that you have a whole set with bolts slotted as well as variations of Philips head.
  • Jack and jack stands- it will make a bigger difference if you have a hydraulic jack to lift your car.

Doing a DIY repair to your car is not a joke, and the uses of right tools are vital for you to successfully maintain and repair your car without the need to spend much money.

Even for simple endeavours such as changing a tire you should be sure to always check you are using the appropriate parts and equipment for your car and have read it's manual. Make sure you have the correct jack, have it positioned correctly and safely. Always use the correct type and sized tools for removing your so you do not strip the bolts or leave any new or replacement parts loose.

Before you start any modification or repair to your car make sure you have researched what you are doing and be sure to consult with an expert or your cars documentation if you are unsure of what you are doing.




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