Find a Motor Mechanic

There are a number of ways you can find a good and reputable motor mechanic.

Referral from Friends

It is always good to first ask your family and friends if they know of a good mechanic who can fix and service your car. Getting a referral from your friends means that they have tested the work of the mechanic and in some ways guarantee's that the psychic will do a good job in fixing your car's fault.

Online Search

You can search online for your nearest mechanic by typing "Mechanic (area)". Most online search engines will give you a listing of the mechanics nearest or around your specified location. Finding a local mechanic is better than finding a mechanic from the other side of town as some may charge you a Call Out Fee if they have to travel outside their local service area.

Yellow Pages or Newspaper Advertisement

Next you can look up your local paper or newspaper and the yellow pages to find a local mechanic to check your car. Most advertise as a Mechanic or Repairer. Be sure to compare different ads as usually they are listed in alphabetical order and the top listed ad is not necessarily the best than the rest.

Always look for a "Licensed Repairer"

When finding a mechanic be sure to ask if they are a licensed repairer in the state you are in. Most states and territories in Australia have a process where mechanics are required to obtain a license as a repairer. Some states and territories don't require this to it's good to check if the mechanic you've chosen is registered to ensure that your car is handled by someone who know's what they are doing.


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