Motor Mechanic

A set of people to whom we remain indebted for the smooth running of all vehicles, be it light or heavy, are known as motor mechanics. No matter how much we gloss the car from outside, regular care of the mechanical parts of the cars is definitely needed to keep them in a top-notch working condition. And to help us, motor mechanics exist.

Motor mechanics are talented people who assess, analyse, advice, and fix any problem in the mechanical parts of the cars, such as engine; suspension systems, which include tires, brakes, and others; clutch box, differential, and gear box; and many others. Besides this, they also take care of all motor machines such as pumps, generators, and others, helping us to maintain and use them efficiently.

Motor mechanics can be divided into two main types:

  • light motor mechanics
  • heavy motor mechanics.

While light motor mechanics deal with light vehicles, the heavy vehicles are taken care of by the heavy motor mechanics.

Doing strenuous, dangerous, and complicated work in their workshops or country-sides, motor mechanics always wear protective apparel while working.

Inspecting engines for perfection or faults, repairing faulty parts of the engine and others, testing and repairing electrical systems of cars, completing minor alterations, such as welding, trimming, and replacing parts, besides many others are some of the work done by light motor mechanics.

In a similar manner, heavy motor vehicle mechanics also take care of the heavy vehicles. Bulldozers, trucks, buses, and others also undergo frequent wear and tear and have to be tested and assessed before being used again. Heavy motor mechanics help in assessing and treating any faults or problems with engine or electrical parts.

Trained for the purpose, motor mechanics usually and almost always undergo difficult courses in colleges and universities which help them and prepares them to understand the minute and complicated problems that arise within the cars. With their training and education, they become competent enough to deal with almost all makes, companies, and types of vehicles.

However, in response to the changing times and increasing divisions in practice, motor mechanics are getting confined to a particular area of expertise, rather than gaining expertise in dealing with all problems of vehicles.

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Find a Motor Mechanic

When finding a mechanic be sure to ask if they are a licensed repairer in the state you are in. Getting referrals from friends and family will also help you find a good mechanic

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