Looking for a New Car?

If you are opting to buy a new car, you need to scout around and compare prices for you to be able to find the right one suitable for your needs.

  • Look for the brand you want online.
  • Check for the prices and specifications you are looking for. There are lots of car brands that are located on the web so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • After checking the car you want, you can check on their prices too online. There are dealers that are selling cheaper deals that buying directly to the manufacturer.

Buying a New Car?

Buy a New Car
Buying a new car can be an overwhelming task if you are not sure of your needs and rights. Before you enter a car show room, it is highly advisable to search the internet and equip yourself with all the knowledge about various models, brands, colors, sizes and the prices from the car sale sites. There are many forums and groups that offer independent reviews from the users of different cars. This would put you in a better position to do the wheeling and dealing with the car dealer who would try to bamboozle with you with a jargon of technical words, facts, falsehoods and figures.

Beware of the Dealers Tricks
Make yourself aware of the standard features of a car. Quite often the car dealers try to baffle you with a display or demonstration car with needless yet attractive features fitted to it. If you do not want those extra features do not let the dealer push you into paying or them.
Do not be taken in by the dealer to part with your money for unnecessary dealer-sourced rust-proofing. Most cars nowadays come rust proofed from the factory and do not need any extra effort or expenditure to protect it against corrosion. Moreover you normally do not need extra measures to protect your car paint and upholstery as the cars have anti-fade paints and quality material for upholstery.

Most common models have recommended price tags upon them. Unless it is a brand new model and is in high demand, most dealers are amenable for negotiation to some extent. So it is advisable to shop around to know the right price. The best course is to ask for a drive-away price which is the one you will either pay or leave the show room. If you do decide to go for the deal, ask for written quotes to forestall the possibility of misunderstandings at a later stage.

Low Season Benefits
Be aware that the dealer has to meet the monthly and quarterly sales targets set by the car manufacturers. So they are often prepared to clinch a deal usually towards the end of the month or the quarter, that is, March, June, September and December. You can get a huge rebate if you can haggle during these periods.


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