Used Cars

Used cars are very much common nowadays. They are the common resort for some who could not afford the high price of new cars. They are cheap in such a way that it still delivers the best of the car’s abilities. It is hard to find a nice used car. It is difficult enough to secure a better deal with a private seller. You must also be able to test drive the car first before buying. You need to make sure that there are no hidden defects and the car is still in shape.

Here are some tips in searching for used cars that are affordable and still in good condition:

  • Search in a reputable website or published magazines for used cars. Check the prices and determine the cars which fall on your range. Make sure that you do not lay too much money for it if that amount can already buy a new one.
  • Look for the cars designated in a place near your area. In online sites, they can sort listings depending on the location you want. You may enter you post code and voila! The list of cars in your area will be shown.
  • Know the car’s transmission. If you are more comfortable with automatic transmission, then by a car that is automatic. Remember even if you know how to drive a manual car, you need to have a Manual License to legally drive that car.
  • Know the mileage of the car. The car that has already travelled too long must have proper maintenance in the past. Ask the seller if he/she maintened the cars log book and all the necessary services due is performed.
  • Know the type of fuel that the used car needs. Choose a car that will not consume too much fuel with the fuel being affordable within your budget. You don't want to buy a cheap used car that consumes to much fuel.
  • Check the car’s colour. Make sure to choose the color of your own liking. If there are not much colors to choose from, choose the one which is not too loud. You would not want to bug your co-drivers while you are driving along a road (unless it's your favourite colour ofcourse).
  • If you know have an Auto Mechanic friend, then bring him along. It's handy to have someone with you who knows cars when you check out a used car. An Auto Mechanic can let you know if the car is worth buying or if the cost of repairing the hidden faults more expensive. Doing this will save you $$ in the long term.

Finding the right used car can be quite hard to do. Nonetheless, it is much harder to sell a used car. There might be picky people who would test your car but at the end of the day, that person will opt not to buy it.

Here are some tips to successfully sell your used car.

  • Know the condition of your car. If you post an ad online or in some published magazines and newspapers, describe the car’s condition truthfully.
  • Indicate the make, model, age, colour, transmission, mileage and fuel type used. This will let your buyer know more about the used car you are selling. Putting all these information will save both your time and your potential buyers time.
  • Determine the right price that fits your car. Any price too high will let your buyers flip on the next page. Nonetheless, a low price can cost you lesser fortune. Make sure you put in a price that a buyer can negotiate with. Putting ONO (Or Nearest Offer) on your ad will make a buyer interested with making an offer.
  • Be sure that the car is in good condition once you are trying to sell it. If there are any defects, you may opt to fix it first or just tell the buyer about it and negotiate the price.
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