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Auto Check Tools For The Do-It-Yourself Guy

Auto repairs are generally costly, therefore for those who don't know a thing or two about general repair and servicing,the nearest car repair shop would be the best option.  However, if you are a car owner who occasionally works on you vehicle, you'd probably be better-off with fixing the vehicle in your garage, and not spending thousands of dollars on what could be costly machine shop jobs.  To be a well-equipped do-it-yourself auto repair guy, here's an overview of the basic tools and equipments  you'll need for the most common auto repair jobs. 

Tools For Fixing The Brakes
The brakes are one of the most crucial components of the car, because if these fail, you could end up smashing another vehicle or a brick wall, or worse you could fall off a steep cliff.  If your car uses disc brakes, you'll likely need hex or torx sockets, to loosen the caliper.  Never use vise grips as these will damage the bolts.  For retracting the brake pistons, a C-clamp will be a nice tool to use.  If the car's using drum brakes, you need to have an adjuster to align or adjust the shoes.  For bleeding the brakes, use a sealed container to collect the released brake fluid.

Oil Change Equipments
For changing the vehicle's oil, you will require an oil filter wrench, a funnel and lifting tools.  Lifting tools are used for getting the front wheels safely off the ground. It's never advisable to leave your car unsupported only by a jack.  To easily remove the oil filer, you'll need an oil filter wrench so that you won't need to poke through the filter using a screw driver.  To safely put oil into the engine, use any funnel, however it would be advisable to use a funnel that has a long flexible neck.

General Auto DIY Tools
For hassle-free home auto repairs, you will require a good set of tools to use.  Your tool kit should have metric wrenches, as most import and domestic cars have metric fasteners,  different sets of bolts and nuts, pliers, clamps, sockets, sand paper, respirator or mask, safety gloves and more.  And to help you properly fix any minor quirks, an auto repair manual would also be a truly handy companion.

While general auto repair and servicing are an unfortunate fact of daily life for most motor vehicle owners, It need not be a burden on your budgets, as well as your patience.  And while taking the do-it-yourself route may look like a daunting, the good thing is that there are lots of resources, both online and offline, that are available for you to get the job done right. Before doing any repair work,  analyze the damage first, and find out which parts you require to complete the task.  Any additional parts you'll need can easily be bought at the local hardware, ato dealership or salvage yard.  However, before purchasing the parts,inspect them and determine the exact tools needed for completing the job.


Auto Check Tips:  How To Buy Spare Parts

Buying spare parts used to be a rote task.  Before, the only option for car owners was to visit the nearest auto parts hardware or car dealership and buy the needed tools and equipment.  With the advent of the Internet however, buying auto  parts becomes fast and easy, and you can do it from the comfort of home.  A number of online auction companies like eBay also offer a complete listing of cars and auto parts.  Here are a few helpful hints on how to purchase spare parts online.  

Why Are More People Shopping For Auto Parts Online?
One of the main reasons why many individuals are buying auto parts on the Internet, is convenience. A lot of people today simply don't have time anymore for running around town and dropping by each auto parts store.  By going online, car parts buyers can do their shopping day and night. This definitely removes the hassles of shopping for auto parts on a hot and humid day.

Determine What You Need
One of the first things to do before shopping for auto parts ont he Internet, is to determine exactly what you need. Make sure you have the exact specifications and dimensions, as all parts come in different sizes and shapes, for different car models and makes. If you're not exactly sure of the dimensions of the parts, contact the nearest mechanic, auto parts dealer or even the car manufacturer, because if you buy one that doesn't fit, you may not be allowed to return it to the store.

Buy From Reputable dealers Only
The next thing to remember when shopping for auto parts online, is  to buy only from reputable, authorized car parts dealers.  An online search will reveal auto parts dealers that are authorized by the major parts manufacturers.  You'll also find the list of authorized car parts dealers from a car maker's official web site.  Try to initially find suppliers who do business in your town or city, and ask them if they provide solid warranties.  Also determine if the supplier offers original equipment, or if the expected spare parts are domestic or imported. By hooking up with a reputable and authorized car parts dealer, you'll be get affordable, high-quality parts and enhanced after-sales service which may even include free delivery.

Exhaust All Available Options
On the worldwide web, you will find more than one dealer for the same exact piece you're looking for.  To get the best deals, ask each dealer if they offer promotions or other special deals,  which you can benefit from.  For instance, one auto parts dealer will deliver the materials free of charge to your home, while another one could offer the exact part for 20 or 30 percent less than the competitors.

Regardless of whether you are a professional car-care enthusiast or plain hobbyist, there's a large chance that you'll find the right vehicle spare parts on the Internet.  To make the process a more enjoyable one, do the activity with one or two fellow car enthusiasts.  You can compare notes and quotes, conduct research and even haggle deals with online vehicle parts suppliers.  And if you could, try consulting with a local auto mechanic in your area before ordering any parts online.


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