Most Popular Cars in 2011

Here is a list of most popular cars in 2011.

Hyundai Sonata

In 2011, Hyundai improved the current sonata it has conceptualized in the previous years. It is a solid competitor in the car industry. It is also considered as one of the top class cars for family use. In this car, you will experience a smooth ride all the time. With its high fuel economy, you will get a great value for every penny you have. It also has a nice and spacious cabin as well as its trunk for your things. It is also much cheaper than any leading car brands. With its long warranty, you will always be at ease with its support.

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry offers a subtle experience in your driving life. It does not have any much exciting features such as newly engineered cars nowadays. Nonetheless, this car is the common request of most drivers. It has a plush-riding function which will help you driving along long highways. With this, it remains on one of the top spots for family automobile. It has a large cabin for your goods. It also has a fuel-efficient V6. You will greatly appreciate the cushy feeling in your seat. It also provides an excellent crash test results.

Chevrolet Volt

This cool vehicle is considered as technical innovation. Even after long miles, you will still be impressed with its prowess in your driving experience. It comes in a 16kWH lithium ion battery pack. This pack is the common wish of users since it can be charged from an outlet of your choice. However, when you are tied up in the middle of the road with the battery completely discharged, you can turn your hopes in its 1.4liters four-cylinder gas engine. It serves as a generator at times when your battery malfunctions or completely discharges. The car has also a back up engine which has a perceptible shudder. With this, driving on rough roads will be a complete breeze. It offers you a great engineered car look. You will never have the same experience with driving ever again.

Ford Escape

Ford escape offers an innovative car features. It issues high-tech features that attract the driver. Ford Escape issues better quality compared with other big car competitors. Its interior are arranged in such a way that the passengers will have enough space to move freely. It has a superior functionality catering every request of a modern driver. It also has an impressive score results in crash tests. Its performance on the road is highly acknowledged by most drivers.

Honda Civic

Honda Civic offers you a reliable driving experience. You will greatly enjoy this small car. With this, you may test your skills through the intense functions found in this car. It issues a good fuel economy. This car does not consume much gas than your usual cars. It also has a wide variety of transmission and engines to improve the car’s road usage. It has also a well-built interior. The seats are also made to provide a better seating space for couples.


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