Car Accessories

An accessory is a subordinate element supplemented to an entity. In case of a car an accessory may be anything added to enhance the

  • safety,
  • style,
  • comfort,
  • luxury,
  • protection,
  • appearance, or, ‘dress’  of the car.

Automotive accessories define the personality of the car owner. They impart special touch to the car. They are, in fact, a fashion statement of the personality of the car and its owner. By choosing a particular type of accessories, the car owner put a stamp of his individual mark on the car and sets it apart from the crowd.

Car accessories protect the various valuable assets of the car. Plush and strong satin seat covers, for example, impart style and beauty to the seats, provide luxurious comfort to the occupants and protect and prolong the life of the seats as well.  They add practicality, specialty and value to the vehicle.

Therefore shopping for accessories for your car is like looking for specialty products.
You may like to install in-car satnav or tom tom system in your car.

Tom tom systems are map enabled navigation products to guide you to your destination without having to focus upon the labyrinthine, curvaceous, thin and confusing lines of a map in a speeding car. They guide you in the language of your choice. They are fed with key information about each area along with graphics with smooth transition of views as you travel along the road or zoon in or out of them.

A tom tom is generally very light weight and has 3.5 inch screen with 3D maps of the country you are driving through. If you are traveling in Europe, the tom tom navigation system may have been installed with maps and graphics of many European countries. They even inform the driver about the points of interest, petrol station locations on the route.,

Hands free Mobile Phone Kits

Hands free mobile phone kits are useful car accessories as they have speaker phones or headsets leaving your hands free to drive. These mobile talking kits are particularly useful for those who are chatty type and feel lonely and bored while traveling or need to make some urgent conversation. While shopping for a hands free mobile phone kit, it is advisable to check its important features:

  • its weight,
  • sound quality and if the kit is easy to ‘pair’ and use;
  • its range,
  • talk time
  • and standby time;
  • its compatibility with your mobile phone
  • and finally its portability and stylishness.

Also check if its button is multifunctional and allows:

  • switching from one call to another,
  • hold calls,
  • redial numbers,
  • has voice recognition calls,
  • volume adjustment
  • and can cancel background noise.

These kits come with in-car and mains chargers and are usually compatible with most Bluetooth phones.

Speed Camera Detectors

Speed cameras installed at strategic points are nightmares even for the conscientious drivers. There are many camera detectors. Some have even annoying and confusing features.

So before finally deciding to buy a speed camera detector, check:

  • how easy it is to install and use;
  • what type of camera it actually detects
  • and whether it detects the camera in time to slow the speed;
  • if you tolerate the voices, beeps and flashes that emanate from it;
  • if it performs as per its claims
  • and finally if it gives good value for the money.

A good speed camera detector should have simple flashing light system when it is in camera zone. Usually the red light means that you are going too fast and blue light indicates that your speed is OK. Some times the lights are not clearly visible in bright daylight. In such cases, there is a provision for warning beeps. Check to see that the beeps are loud enough to be audible but not too annoying. It should be provided with a mute push button if you do not want to hear the beeps. The other features should include covering the GPS fixed cameras and some hot spots.


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