Car Auctions - How To Participate

Auctions are truly exciting events.  In these activities, one can either get prized items at the highest bid, or get valuable commodities for rock-bottom, bargain prices.  Automobiles are highly-prized items at auctions, and today there are different auto auction events  taking place all  over the country, from insurance auctions, public and private auto biddings to estate auctions.  Here's a brief overview of how live auto auctions go.
Live Car Auctions Make For Exciting Events
Rather than join a formal, black-tie bidding event, where bidders simply sit on their chairs and wait for the gavel to bang on the closing bid, a live auto auction  is an exciting occasion, as it adds an element of surprise and an underlying sense of competition between different bidders. During a live auto auction, bidders often keep their stiff consumer senses in the bag, and let their gut feel take over. 

What Are The Different Types Of Live Auto Auctions?
The auto auctions of today run the gamut.  These days, you'll find government auctions, classic/luxury car auctions, online auto auctions and estate auctions.  In a government auction, potential buyers bid on surplus government vehicles, Customs or IRS-seized vehicles, excess law-enforcement cars and even trucks used by relief agencies.  The condition of the vehicles in a government auction varies, with some offered on an "as-is, where-is" basis.  Buyers therefore, need to be wary of their choices.  A government auto auction though is open to the general public.  In an estate auto auction, assets such as cars and other valuables relating to a individual who just died, or is in financial bankruptcy, are offered to buyers.  An estate auction usually functions like a typical garage sale.  Online automobile auctions are also popular today, because they are convenient options, and are highly favored by mainstream consumers. Online car auctions also allow buyers to place bids for their preferred vehicles from the comfort of home. Vintage or classic car auctions offer high-quality collector-style cars, which have become popular with both baby-boomers and young adults. A vintage auction though usually establishes higher market values for most of the cars featured, and many buyers won't  have qualms with buying truly classic cars though, as long as they like the merchandise. However, before you splurge on any classic vehicle, make sure you thoroughly check the car's worthiness, both inside and out, as well as check for original invoices, maintenance records and other valuable paperwork.

How To Bid At Live Car Auctions
Live automobile auctions are often highly-charged, fast paced events, which may not suit the faint-hearted.  Participants in these events need to know that the winning bidders are usually the ones who keep their purchasing "common sense" and sanity intact; hence they know when to grab a good deal, and know when to decide if enough is enough.  Also remember that you need to show up early at the auction venue, and carefully inspect the displayed vehicle/s, as well as determine market value, and verify whether there any possible add-on charges for taxes and repairs after you've bought the vehicle. 

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